Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Be strong and do it." 1 Chronicles 28:10

I was informed that it has been almost eight weeks since I last posted a blog entry; I had no idea. To be completely honest I thought it had only been two or three weeks at the most. So I apologize profusely. The only excuse that I have is the same one I give every time: Time always gets away from you as a missionary. It feels like time doesn’t just pass me by, it sprints it's little heart out. I feel like time and I are in a perpetual race, and I am never going to catch up with it. I have been in Korea for almost a year now and yet at times it feels as though I just recently arrived. Maybe one day with some perspective I will figure out where all my time has gone. 

I received my third transfer to a new area in the city of Daegu. It is a move full of firsts for me. My first time serving in a threesome (three sisters = three times the fun), my first time serving in a big city (big cities = streets with similar names = streets with similar names in a foreign language = lots of opportunities to get lost), and my first time serving in a ward (wards = referrals), just to name a few. Like I said before, time seems like my enemy sometimes and this transfer is already flying by. However, I am feeling overwhelmed by blessings as we have been seeing so many miracles in such a short time; some big miracles, and some small ones, but all of them equally amazing. 

Sometimes when we experience miracles, and we tell someone about them, they sound insignificant when we relay them. It doesn’t really matter though, because the experience is both real, and significant to the receiver of the miracle. Keeping that in mind I want to share one such miracle. As I write it I know it may sound like a silly thing, but just know it was a profound experience for me. On Saturdays we teach a Korean language class for 5 or 6 Filipino immigrants who are working here in Daegu. The building where we teach the class is a little far away so we need to take the bus. Well, last week, as we were riding the bus on our way to class, a young Korean man sitting next to us turns to my companion and says in perfect English, "excuse me your bag is open". Of course she said thank you and then we started talking to him. Suddenly, he looked up and realized we were at his stop, so he hurried and rushed off the bus before we could give him our number or any information. We were a little bummed out about it. He seemed genuinely interested in what we were sharing with him. If you have ever ridden a bus in a large city you know how randomly people get on and off busses that are on a 10-minute schedule. We knew that the odds of meeting him again were almost nil, if that. But one week later, as we boarded the bus to go to our Korean class, there he was! The bus was crowded and we didn’t see him, but as we sat down he approached us and said, "Hey, do you remember me?" We got to tell him about our free English class and give him our information before he got off this time. Like I said, you may think it's silly, and maybe insignificant, but to me it was amazing. I never thought that we would see him again. And there he was, standing in front of us, asking if “we” remembered “him”. Miracle! (this is in a sing–song voice, if you know me, you will hear it in your head that way).

Honestly I can't believe how many things happen to me like that, simply being in the right place at the right time so that we are able to meet those people that Heavenly Father has placed in our path. It is a testimony to me of why I am here, and whom I am here for. 

Not to be random, but changing subjects, summer is coming to Korea and I am certainly feeling it. Daegu is the hottest place to be during the summer in Korea, so this summer will be an adventure in moisture control (that’s saying it as gently as possible). There are times where I think it would be so much easier to find activities to do inside every day, but I know that is not an effective use of my time or service. Just so you know I am trying to tie things together, that is why I love the scripture that I used to title this post.  I came across it as I have been studying the Old Testament.

In 1 Chronicles chapter 28 it tells how King David assembles the leaders of Israel. David appoints his son Solomon to build the temple and instructs him how to do it. Verse 10 says in its entirety: “Take heed now; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it.” I can imagine one of my parents telling me of a task they wanted me to do, and I not really wanting to do it, or maybe not feeling capable of doing it. I can hear them saying what they have said in these very instances: “we know who you are, we know what you can do, we believe in you…pull yourself together and do it!  We all experience assignments, or requirements, in life that we think are difficult. Maybe the surrounding situations are less than optimal, or the tasks seem too overwhelming. However, I know from a respectfully short life experience that we can do so much more than we think we can. Sometimes…we just have to do it. Sometimes we just start with hope. Then, as we proceed with faith, we slowly realize that we can do it. 

Thinking about the scorching heat ahead of me, I feel a little overwhelmed, and even worried. Working in the heat has always been a trial for me. Yet, I know that if I am strong and just do it, then I will be able to see all the miracles that come from doing the best I can at all times. The alternative is having miracles pass me by because I am preoccupied by a task that seems difficult. I want miracles...and I am willing to work for them.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer I miss you all and love you lots!

Sister Annie