I took a break after completing my junior year at Brigham Young University where I am studying English Teaching, with a French minor, to serve an eighteen month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although I am an advanced French speaker, I was called to serve in Busan, South Korea. I was surprised with my assignment, but am thrilled with the opportunity.

I love reading and I always have. I enjoy funny: people, conversations, movies, situations, and every other funny you can think of. However, I do not believe crudeness or rudeness is a substitute for wit. I love music. I don't think that I will be asked to sing in the heavenly choir of angels, but I will certainly be singing full throttle in my head while serving as a back-up dancer.

I have a testimony that I am a divine daughter of our Heavenly Father. I know that He loves me because He sent His son Jesus Christ to atone for my sins and sacrifice Himself on the cross at Golgotha so that I might be resurrected and have eternal life. I believe that Joseph Smith received the golden plates from a heavenly messenger, and was able to translate them through spiritual gifts. I know this to be true because our Heavenly Father loves every one of His children, He knows them all, and has given them guidance throughout time. I know that because He is loving and just He has given us a living prophet to guide us in today's problems. I know these things because I have felt the peace and confirmation of their truths through the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Although this line is memorized, and said weekly in unison by young women of my faith, it has become written on my heart:

I will stand for truth at all times and in all places...


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